Wednesday, October 03, 2007


I stopped in to visit my old job earlier this week. It was really good to see all my friends. I had a million questions thrown at me about why I left, what am I doing. My manager never even asked what happened, or why I decided to quit while they were closed. I came to get everyone's phone numbers, since during a recent mishap on my phone I had lost a few people.

"Go on back Amber, you know where the phone list is." I stayed for a half hour or so, and filled them in on the new job and my new apartment. I just moved this week up to Harlem. Despite a serious mouse issue, the place is beautiful, and I feel like I'm actually in the city now.

I left the restaurant with an arm full of cardboard boxes, a pillow I had left there, a bag of food, and a list of everyone's phone numbers. I felt like I was breaking up. If so, it was the easiest, most non-awkward break up I've ever had. I sure am going to miss everyone. Maybe I'll drunk dial them this weekend.


Anonymous Ariza said...

Well said.

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