Sunday, September 23, 2007


So far, the new job is alright. Not fabulous, not terrible, just alright. It's a well-run sports bar in midtown where I can be more relaxed with customers. I don't have to remember pivot points and who is "supposed" to order first. There's no need to open bottles of wine because everyone drinks beer, and I can swear at customers, just as long as it's friendly swearing. I can watch the football games, I get a long break when I work doubles, and for the first time in years I have Sundays off. I like my boss. She's respectful, helpful, and understanding.

It is, however, the same old thing. It's difficult being the new kid, and to top it off this is one of those places where some of the waitresses are on power trips. They won't except help no matter how slammed they are, and if you're taking too long at the computer they tap their pen angrily when they are waiting behind you. A few are very friendly, but I must say a majority of girls that work there are just downright bitchy.

I miss my friends from my old job. Although the company treated us poorly, the crew I used to work with was amazing. It made work feel a little more like hanging out with your friends, and made it easier to put the fake smile on when someone sent their steak back to the kitchen for the fourth time.

On a lighter note, anyone who knows me and reads this blog knows that I'm obsessed with traveling. I recently found the perfect part time but unpaid gig at a travel website. It's keeping me going when someone leaves a pile of change on the table as my tip.


Blogger INNER VOICES said...

keep yer chin up! service industry is always the same shit, different tables... and i agree, traveling the world is addictive!

9:14 AM  
Anonymous Ribeye of your Dreams said...

I hate finding new jobs. I've been at mine for a year now, and am still nothing more than a cocktail server and occasional trainer, but I love it. I don't know what I'd do without some of my friends there.

Anyway, great blog. Check mine out if you want, add it if you want, I added yours =)


11:47 PM  

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