Sunday, September 28, 2008

What's Ahead

I'm back from a cruise, and exciting 10-day vacation in Iceland, and have just officially started a full time job. That's right. I am taking a nice break from the restaurant industry after 8 years that have made me incredibly jaded.

The new gig is at a travel website/magazine in midtown. This officially marks the end of me bitching about serving (for good!), and allows me to focus more on some travel writing. So, for those who have stuck with's what I have cooking up.

1. A travel blog/website: Providing advice and tips for young travelers on how to do so on a budget. I've been working on this one for a while now, and am planning on having it up and running by the end of October at the latest.

2. Now that I have weekends off (No more working doubles on Saturday and Sunday Brunch), it is my turn to see what this brunch craze is all about. Already I have checked out a few places, and plan on giving some inside info on the spots I love and hate. Coming from a waitress: service is going to be a key element.

3. The Harlem Mezz will be seeing more postings then ever. Its gotten a slow start due to the new job, and vacations. However, I'm signing another year long lease this week to stay put in Harlem so expect some postings soon. (including my roomates being kidnapped by a cab-driver).

And for now, I leave you with some scenic photos of Iceland:

Parts of a glacier that have broken off /Rainbow that chased our car

Cliffside "Giant Troll" rocks with lighthouse/ Grass-turf church

Sunset over the Arctic ocean/Hot Spring lagoon (like a natural hot tub)

Geothermal activity near Krafla volcano


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