Wednesday, July 30, 2008


First day of training at a restaurant is never fun. There's all those awkward moments when the person training you is just too "busy" to deal with you. No matter how much you try and help you are just in the way. So, you end up standing off to the side, pretending that you are actually looking over the menu so that the boss won't see you slacking on the first day. It's almost the same concept why people serve drinks at a party. At least you have something in your hand.

Well, this new training day (latest job fired me for taking off to go to a wedding, even after they had approved my request) I was learning how to do TO GO orders, when the bell went off in the back and my trainer said to stay put. So I did, and of course, someone has questions about the menu.

"Is the organic chicken white meat or dark meat?"

"I'm really not sure, I'm training. It's my first day and I've only been here for an hour. If you wait a minute Carol can answer your questions."

I though that was pretty clear. Now keep in mind that the girl not only has a TOGO menu in her hand, there is also a giant menu board above my head behind me. It's not like it's a complicated menu. We serve hummus, salads and wraps.

"So what exactly comes with the Lebane wrap?" she asks.

"First day." I answer.

"Is your ice tea sweetened? Do you have falafels?"

"Miss, do you see falafels on the giant board behind my head, or on the menu in your hand?"


"Well, although it is my first day, I'm guessing based on that information at hand that we do not serve falafels."


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