Thursday, January 10, 2008


If anyone caught the republican debate tonight I was amazed at how ridiculous Fox News is. Well, I'm not surprised, just frustrated.

First off, Ron Paul crushed Giuliani in the Iowa caucuses, but received no invitation to the last republican debate sponsored by Fox news. This pissed people off in New Hampshire, where Paul had been showing better numbers than Fred Thompson.

In tonight's debate he was the only one who actually said anything. He made points and backed up his opinions with facts, not by talking in circles. He did it all while being attacked by other candidates and by facing questions which none of the other candidates were forced to answer. For example, while one question was being asked about the direction of the Republican party since the Reagan era each candidate has their chance to answer. When it came to be Ron Paul's turn, he was asked instead about his conspiracy theorist followers and if he supports their views. Paul quickly pointed out the relevance to the question that had been on the floor for 20 minutes which everyone else had been allowed to answer.

"Can I please answer the question we've been discussing," he asked twice before allowing to continue. First, he had to state that his followers can think what they want, and he disagrees."

Following the debate, a small group of people(20 or so) were taken to the forum to discuss who they thought the winner of the debate was. When the cameras came on, and they were asked who they thought was the victor was a unanimous decision that Thompson won, and Ron Paul lost. Could that have been any more set up?

The interesting thing that Fox news seemed to overlook, was they offered viewers the chance to text in their vote as to who THEY thought won the election. Ron Paul was the winner by the American people, with 33% of the vote. Thompson came in around 19%.


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